The Main Gym Area

Ellan Vannin Gymnastics Club prides itself on having excellent equipment, some of which have seen World Champions compete on them. We were lucky enough to acquire some equipment that had been used at major competitions. As part of the extension, we were able to build a large viewing gallery for people to watch competitions. 

Included in our main gym, we have both men’s and women’s apparatus. Women’s: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor. Men’s: Vault, High Bar, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars and Floor. 

In addition to the main pieces, we have additional equipment to help train the basics and prepare the gymnast for the full apparatus. EVGC has a preparation vault which is usually used with mats and blocks for vaulting practise. Alongside the floor; the tumble track; which is an extension of the floor, however, it uses extra springs and foam, to support gymnasts when practising powerful tumbles. Another piece of equipment that aids in the development of tumbling and acro skills, is the very bouncy but soft AirTrack.

Near the bars and the pommel horse, you will find a floor-level trampoline that children absolutely love practising difficult skills on. In the corner of the gym, there is a sunken u-shaped hole which is to help gymnasts if they fear height but also it is a valuable tool for coaches, as this is a much easier spotting station. 

Towards the back of the gym, we have a large pitted area that aids with high bar, rings, asymmetric bars, vault, trampoline and the tumble track. The pitted area is very important as it helps gymnasts feel more confident and importantly, reduces the likelihood of injury when performing difficult gymnastics. 

EVGC has 3 high beams, which can be lifted higher or lower to suit, however one of these beams has a special feature which allows it to be slightly bouncy to give gymnasts a little more help when doing skills that require height. In addition to this, we have 1 medium beam, 2 lower beams and 2 soft floor planks which are slightly wider than the normal beam to help gymnasts with confidence and increase more practise. 

They saying goes, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ The gym, along with other venues around our area, experienced a huge flood which completely destroyed our facility. The silver lining for us was that we were able to get brand new equipment, of which some had been used in the Commonwealth Games.

Our gym is fully-fitted with 3 high beams, 2 low beams and 1 medium height beam. We have 2 sets of asymmetric bars, one of which is over the pit, and one single bar. We also have a purposely dugout area which holds our U-pit bar – much easier to climb onto and for coaches to support.

The gym is lucky enough to have a permanent competition viewing gallery which holds over 100 people. 

Welcome to the Pre-School Gym

The pre-school gym, located through the first door, holds fun and excitement for the young children especially. Purpose-made for young gymnasts, the pre-school gym offers soft matting throughout which reduces any risk scrapes or bruises, a small single bar which helps develop grip strength at a young age before entering the main gym, a small beam that develops confidence on a thin surface but trying out the higher ones in the main gym, a small trampoline that develops core strength and coordination; essential for developing gymnasts. This room is a fantastics stepping stone to help small and young gymnasts get ready for more skills in the future.

Viewing Gallery

We are lucky enough to have had a viewing gallery built as part of the extension, purely for competitions. This enables everyone to come and enjoy watching their child participate in competitions doing skills in this exciting sport. Another enjoyable feature is spectators do not feel cramped or uncomfortable with spacious, tiered seating with a broad view of the gym.

The Cafe Area

Upstairs, you will find a viewing gallery so you can watch your gymnasts progress and enjoy their gymnastics. Incorporated into this area, there is a fully-fitted kitchen with tables and chairs outside of the kitchen to cater for your needs.